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Aug 16-17, 2016 Malmö, Sweden

About The Conference

We aim to help you connect the dots that matter to you. The world appears increasingly complex and to seize the opportunities ahead we need to be better at looking at the world from a wider array of perspectives.

What happens on site?

During two days we explore complexity and trends in the digital world. We invite speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread topics. Think of it like your favorite arts museum.

The organization behind

The Conference is organized by Media Evolution, a community of 400 companies thriving in the sharing is caring culture of Malmö and southern Sweden. It’s a non-profit event, where every single dime goes into making it an even better experience for you the next time.

On the stages

You can expect everything from brain scientists and activists to marketing experts and other cool makers who’ll cover topics like UX, psychology, robots, marketing and so on. In the end, it all comes down to exploring our three main themes: Human behavior, new technology and how to make it happen. 2015, 50% of the speakers (and audience) were men.

The Conference

August 16-17, 2016
40 speakers
1000 participants
Venue: Slagthuset

Side events

August 15-19
Workshops, masterclasses, festivities arranged by the Malmö community.

The Malmö

Never satisfied, ever debated, always engaging. Malmö is a character of its own; a visionary city with a strong will and the confidence to move forward, and go its own way.

Malmö, the not so royal, southern pearl of Sweden is where The Conference is organized.

We love Malmö and we bet you will too!

A center for innovation

Malmö has been Swedish since the Danes gave it back in 1658, and nowadays there’s a super cool bridge connecting Malmö to Copenhagen.

In recent years, Malmö has made an amazing journey from a Detroit style, industry-dense city to an international center for innovation and culture.

We love Malmö and we bet you will too!

August is the best time to be in Malmö (what a coincidence). The weather is great, the beach is right in the city, and the Malmö festival with tons of free music is in full swing. Malmö is big and it’s small, always a lot going on but easy to get around. Rent a bike or take a walk, everything is near.

The city of youth and diversity

Creative humans, companies and students are thriving in the sharing is caring-culture. Malmö might be small but it shares the features of big metropolises with a vibrant urban life and a rich cultural life. It is the city of youth and diversity. 50 percent are younger than 30 and collected, the people of Malmö speak 176 different languages.


Malmö is located in the very south of Sweden, only 15 minutes away from Denmark and Copenhagen Airport. If you’re traveling by plane from outside of Sweden, we recommend you book your flight to CPH Airport. Yes to Denmark, no joke. Then you travel to Malmö and Sweden by train, it only takes 15 minutes and you arrive in the city center close to our venues and hotels.

We’ve reserved a bunch of rooms at Comfort Hotel, located right next to the venue. Book your room via email or phone +46 40 330 445, and state the booking code: 2029R206763

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